Paizes Attorneys litigates in the High Court, Regional Court and Magistrates Court. This is the traditional court method of litigating. 

We focus on legal disputes whether based on Family Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Labour Law or Wills and Estates.

The commercial litigation that Paizes Attorneys mainly focuses on is Corporate Law which usually involves financial and property-related issues as well as contract disagreements, which derive from counterproductive business relationships, unresolved business transactions, and a host of other business conflicts. The litigation usually comprises of suing or defending on a contract including, but not limited to, loan agreements, leases and franchise agreements. 

The Family Law litigation that Paizes Attorneys mainly focuses on is Parental Responsibilities and Rights in terms of the Children’s Act and Guardianship applications.


The alternative to the traditional court method is alternative dispute resolution.

Paizes Attorneys also offers alternate dispute resolution services mainly through the method of arbitration. This service is for clients who do not wish to follow the traditional court method of litigation.

Arbitration is usually set out in corporate contracts and is either forced upon by one party, or is done through mutual agreement by all parties.

The arbitration is held in front of a nominated arbitrator and the procedure for the arbitration is determined by the parties and the arbitrator.