The Firm

Paizes Attorneys is a dynamic law firm situated in Benoni, on the East Rand. Not only do we service our clients locally but also in all provinces and internationally.

We offer a range of services for private individuals, small businesses and corporate organisations. These services include Commercial Drafting, Litigation, Family Law, Child Law, Labour disputes and many others.

Yulie Paizes heads up the firm and has a personalised approach to each matter. Each matter is seen as unique and we strategically determine what would be in the best interest of the client so that there will be a positive legal outcome.

We offer negotiations, mediation, arbitration and other avenues for those clients wishing to avoid any litigation. We further offer aggressive litigation services for those clients who believe their rights have been violated or who are defending unjust, unfair and wrongful litigation suits.

We practice in Labour Law, Commercial Law and Litigation and specialise in Family Law. We are passionate about our clients and the law.

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