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External Links

Below are external links to some useful websites. These websites have a vast amount of legal information relating to both Commercial and Family Law Matters.

We work closely with members of these organisations so you are guaranteed of professional and fully qualified services at all times.


The Office of the Family Advocate

The Family Advocate assists the parties to reach an agreement on disputed issues, namely care, contact and guardianship. If the parties are unable to reach an agreement, the Family Advocate evaluates the parties’ circumstances in light of the best interests of the child and makes a recommendation to the Court with regard to care, contact or guardianship. The services of the Family Advocate are rendered to the public free of charge. The Family Advocate is a legal officer employed by the Department of Justice and acts as legal representative of the children.

Sheriffs in South Africa

A sheriff is an official appointed by the Minister for Justice to perform within the area of jurisdiction of the Magistrates, Regional or High Court for which he has been appointed. Sheriffs, among other functions, serve documents like the Summons in a divorce action, garnishee order or a writ of execution on a Defendant/Respondent. Their fees are fixed in terms of legislation.

Companies and Intellectual Property Commission

Registration of Companies, Co-operatives and Intellectual Property Rights (trade marks, patents, designs and copyright) and maintenance thereof. Promotion of education and awareness of Company and Intellectual Property Law

De Rebus

De Rebus - South Africa Attorneys' Journal

The Johannesburg Bar

The Official Site of the Johannesburg Society of Advocates

The Master of the High Court

The Master's Branch is there to serve the public in respect of Deceased Estates, Liquidations (Insolvent Estates), Registration of Trusts, Tutors and Curators, as well as Administration of the Guardian's Fund (minors and mentally challenged persons).
The Master has wide interaction with members of the public and practitioners and the dealings of the Master have an impact on the economy. The Master's Office has five main divisions. They all strive to protect the financial interests of persons whose assets or interests are, for various reasons, being managed by others.

The Legal Practice Council

The Legal Practice Council is a national, statutory body established in terms of section 4 of the Legal Practice Act, No 28 of 2014. The Legal Practice Council and its Provincial Councils regulate the affairs of and exercise jurisdiction over all legal practitioners (attorneys and advocates) and candidate legal practitioners.

The Position of Unmarried Fathers in South Africa

This dissertation looks at the position of the unmarried father in South Africa with regard to obtaining access to his illegitimate child. The writer has focused on three distinct eras in South African family law: the position of unmarried fathers in terms of: the common law; Natural Fathers of Children Born out of Wedlock Act; and the Children's Act.